A ray of sunshine is the best representation of happiness or feeling-good experiences. A simple mindful activity that really makes a difference to your mood and overall health and wellness is actively cultivating joyful life giving encounters each day. These may include simple gestures of kindness with the people we meet at work or in the community. It may also include personalized treats you plan for yourself such as listening to favourite music or videos on a short two minute break from your computer monitor or screen.

Hunting for sunshine really works!

Most people are familiar with the positivity and happy feelings that result from daily doses of happiness and joy. Sharing some of your positivity builds a health environment for everyone and increases your own feelings of gratitude.

Sunshine hunting is a simple wellness strategy that is far too often taken for granted. Remind those who brighten up your day about the difference their smile, affirmation or warmth makes to your day.

Micro-resilience strategies are effective and help to maintain the health and wellness of all. We owe it to each other to think, feel and do wellness. Share a ray of sunshine today and brighten up someone else’s hardships, which may be hidden from view.

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