CBT Activities for School Aged Children

Written for school-aged children, this booklet is a great assist for the work you do in schools, specialized classroom settings, and programs for children requiring one-to-one interventions. Best used by a trained mental health clinician, this resource can be used by children in session or as homework, post-session.


Early Reader Character Education Series

The Boys of Milverton Early Chapter Readers is a series for children who enjoy everyday adventures. Purposefully written as virtues-based stories of friendship, moms and dads who coach new readers will discover the joy that novels bring to children as they learn about empathy, respect, kindness, loyalty and self-control.


Safe Schools Peace Building Programs

This book introduces methods for social workers and other professional school-based counsellors to use in collaborative counselling sessions with students and young people. This book reviews evidence-based programs currently used in schools including peer mentoring, restorative justice, and virtues education.