Finding a life coach is an excellent idea, especially during important milestones. Securing a mentor or coach following your graduation, promotion, or transition to retirement offers a new way to process your plans with a trusted helper.

Professional Coaching is a worthwhile investment.

Coaching is uniquely different from consulting, mentoring, or counseling. Although talk-based and usually didactic, coaching is best provided by a person’s whose professional and personal achievements align with your own. Akin to sports-based approaches, a coach is someone with implicit and explicit understanding of the areas you intend to improve, move towards, or achieve.

There are several places to learn more about particular models of coaching that incorporate evidence-based psychotherapy techniques and clinical experience:

Paying for a coach ensures that you are invested in the work. A mentor is usually based on a voluntary relationship where a seasoned professional offers to counsel and support newer team members. Mentoring does not typically involve any financial reconciling.

Your relationship with your coach requires trust, respect, and motivation. Your sessions should be results oriented and inspiring. Tasks identified and steps required to achieve them are planned in purposeful and manageable ways.

A relationship with your coach may continue for months or years. The indicators of success include improved mood, increased confidence, and overall satisfaction with your lifestyle and professional career.

Finding the right coach takes time and may include meeting with a few before you find the right one for you. Coaches bring different skills to the work. A health and wellness coach with a proven track record offers professionals a coaching model that centralizes your personal and family values in your overall plans for success. Health and Wellness Coaching is values-based, and offers professionals opportunities to explore your goals without compromising your beliefs or integrity.

Find the right coach today and increase your overall happiness and success at the same time. You are worth it!

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