Course A: $525.00/participant CAD plus taxes

Essential principles of trauma informed therapy

is a fundamental seminar for mental health and addiction professionals, counsellors, social workers, psychotherapists, child and youth workers, and more providing services to individuals with symptoms of acute stress.  This 3-hour program will provide an overview of:

  1.  Overview of the autonomic human nervous systems.  
  2. Review of the role of hormones adrenaline & cortisol in Activated Stress Responses (ASR). 
  3. Review of Stress Disorders & Signs of Clinical Impairment that together constitute “trauma”. 
  4. Symptoms of  activated stress in daily functioning. 
  5. Integrating Adult Self-Report Measures to assess & treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.
  6. Best practice review of research that deactivates the ASR and calms neuropathway overactivity. 


Course B: $1050.00/participant CAD plus taxes 

Wellness Coaching Certificate Program: 

Coaches NEED credibility. This Introductory seminar is a 6 hour shared-learning experience for people interested in learning how to integrate Wellness Coaching into your business. Offered weekly on Mondays, your participation integrates easily into the healthy flow of your day.

This program builds on your current perspectives of health and encourages clients to harness what you already do to grow & stay well. Fees include all materials and tools to begin your Wellness Coaching as you learn. Classes are small, interactive, and virtual. 

Certificates are guaranteed to enhance your client care services.  Non-regulated health service providers, personal fitness trainers, and alternative health service providers Welcome. Course curriculum is unique and provides the most up-to-date evidence-based research on healthy habit formation, clarity mind-set coaching, and personal change management.  

Wellness Coaching is part business & part heart!

Wellness Coaching improves:

  • Mood
  • Mental Fitness & Clarity
  • Values-Based Mind-Set
  • Confidence
  • Self-worth
  • Personal Boundary Setting
  • Task Completion
  • Healthy Life Transitions
  • Goal Setting
  • Success !

A credible Wellness Coach can help your performance at Work, Home, and in the Community.

Do you know your personality type? Are you clear about what you want, need, and deserve? Are you happy & joyful in most aspects of your life, or do you go about your day with feelings of dread?

Help your clients improve & sustain wellness over the long haul. Coaching Essentials will increase your practice skills and knowledge and expand your clinical service repertoire.  Enjoy your practice with renewed confidence in care !




Course Fees include all materials and tools:

  1. Know the difference between Counselling & Coaching. 

  2. Familiarize yourself with Holistic Wellness Assessments.

  3. Gain insight into self-care strategies for healthcare providers that are sustainable & evidence-based.

Are you looking for an easily accessible certificate program offered by credentialed experts with real experiences that won’t break your bank ? Let’s own what we do well and help others feel well too! 

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