B. Professional Development & Keynote Speaking

Professional trainers are available to support your team on self-care, wellness, and communication skills development. Client-care specialists will help you to research and develop the best opportunities for your clinical team and associated professionals.

Meeting the requirements for your regulating college regarding continuous competency is guaranteed.

Marilena Tesoro, Academic Head, Principal, Teacher
Let the pros show you the way to academic success!

Marilena Tesoro is a retired teacher, administrator, principal, and private school head. She has a lengthy and successful career in education. Marilena is a dedicated expert with whom you can trust your child’s educational coaching. She will assist you in choosing the best pathway for your high achieving child and ensure academic success. Marilena and Lisa have also teamed up to provide ongoing professional development and consultation for educators and special student service professionals.

Personalized education and life planning designed to assist individuals to navigate a constantly changing future in order to drive lasting and sustainable growth and development for optimal personal success.

Lisa is also a dynamic humorous presenter who guarantees full engagement in clinical or self-care learning!

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Video Conferencing Session for Individuals, Groups

Expert Personalised Continuous Professional Development & Training. Small Groups & Roundtable Video Conferencing Options. Clinical Supervision also available.