Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates will work to find the right professional service provider for you. A range of counselling, paramedical and educational professionals are available to ensure that your wellness needs are met. All service providers are available by appointment ONLY.

At Lakeside, Therapeutic Skincare & Character Education Resources are more than products, they are Wellness Affiliates!

A. Registered Social Workers & Psychotherapists

Maria Carinelli MSW, RSW
Psychology Today

Maria is a registered Social Worker & psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience helping children, youth, couples and families, through her work at the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH)- Canada’s largest psychiatric hospital. Maria is a reliable and caring expert with real results providing depression, trauma, and addiction services.

Registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers, Maria’s registration number is 323208.

Maria is a clinical social worker and therapist you can trust!

Her training and areas of practice include CBT, DBT skills, Trauma informed, Parenting, Couple/Family therapy, Group work.

Kate Paul M.A., RP
New Leaf Counselling & Psychotherapy

Kate is a Registered Psychotherapist with years of counselling experiences in the field. Her interested in integrative health and wellness are impressive and includes experiences with physical injury, depression, and trauma care.

Kate is registered in the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Her registration number is 006637.

Sunita Prasad MSW, RSW

Sunita is a registered social worker & psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical mental health hospital-based outpatient clinic work with children, adolescents, and adults. Sunita has impressive expertise in autism, with a specialization in Applied Behavioural Analysis, ABA.

Sunita’s experiences include care provision for depression, suicide, and disordered eating as well as medical, social and emotional support to families with children with complex medical diagnoses.

Her OCSWSSW registration number is 324079.

Sunita is a clinical social worker you can trust!

Her areas of training include CBT, psychodynamic, grief and bereavement, autism and developmental services support and more.

B. Acupuncture & Naturopathy

Dr. David Gabriele
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David has been a practicing acupuncturist since 2008. He completed the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine program at CCNM in 2016.

Dr. Gabriele is a naturopathic physician and registered acupuncturist. He is primarily motivated to help people achieve health goals. He completed McMaster University’s Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program where he found a marriage between ancient wisdom & modern science.

David specializes in nutrition, pain & musculoskeletal issues, digestive problems, anxiety & mood problems, weight loss, hormonal issues and general health improvement consultation.

He has over 20 years experience teaching Taiji, Qigong, meditation and self-defence. Dr. Gabriele loves to empower people to take control of their lives and become active in their own care. Where there is interest, classes will be available at Lakeside Wellness Therapy Affiliates.

C. Professional Development & Keynote Speaking

Professional trainers are available to support your team on self-care, wellness, and communication skills development. Client-care specialists will help you to research and develop the best opportunities for your clinical team and associated professionals.

Meeting the requirements for your regulating college regarding continuous competency is guaranteed.

Marilena Tesoro, Academic Head, Principal, Teacher
Let the pros show you the way to academic success!

Marilena Tesoro is a retired teacher, administrator, principal, and private school head. She has a lengthy and successful career in education. Marilena is a dedicated expert with whom you can trust your child’s educational coaching. She will assist you in choosing the best pathway for your high achieving child and ensure academic success. Marilena and Lisa have also teamed up to provide ongoing professional development and consultation for educators and special student service professionals.

Personalized education and life planning designed to assist individuals to navigate a constantly changing future in order to drive lasting and sustainable growth and development for optimal personal success.

Lisa is also a dynamic humorous presenter who guarantees full engagement in clinical or self-care learning!

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Video Conferencing Session for Individuals, Groups

Expert Personalised Continuous Professional Development & Training. Small Groups & Roundtable Video Conferencing Options. Clinical Supervision also available.