Health Insurance Benefits

Accessing personal health insurance benefits as you age is a well-earned privilege that retired professionals enjoy. Commonly used to offset the costs of childhood medical and dental prescriptions, employee based health insurance plans offer options for a range of services proven to grow, rehabilitate, and sustain your wellness.

Gratefully, many companies have recognized the value of mental health in the workplace and it’s links to job satisfaction, productivity, and performance. Increases in funds accessible to employees under prolonged periods of stress is an excellent perk companies commit to the overall health of humanity and to society at large.

As mental health literacy improves, you can trust the best and the brightest upcoming employees to assess company benefits as an important reason to work for and with you. Younger professionals value healthy parental leaves, comprehensive and flexible health benefit plans, and creative options for early-retirement and pension planning.

The field of mental health is changing in exciting and new ways. Service provider options include a variety of professionally accredited allied-health options including family medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, psychotherapy, psychiatry, and counsellors.

As service provider options have improved, so too have mental health and wellness treatments. Individuals, couples, and families may access a number of effective interventions for a variety of illnesses and problems. Interventions may include prescription drugs, and/or blocks of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies designed to treat addictions, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Your personal health benefits allow you to integrate therapeutic massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and more into your journey of healing. Regularly accessing services covered by your health benefits will also prevent future injuries and sustain good health over the long-term.

During this post-Covid period, it is truly a time to be grateful for the comprehensive health insurance plans available today.

Everyone benefits when you are well! So, work at keeping your Best self healthy & well by strategising regular treatment visits to your preferred health services covered by insurance plans AND by keeping up with your list of Wellness Activities.

Be bold and direct your own Wellness! Help is available if you do not know where or how to begin. Make the most of what you got, and reap the benefits of feeling healthy and well.

By Lisa Romano-Dwyer PhD, RSW, Owner

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