Pie charts are traditionally used to depict proportionality. Pies easily demonstrate notions of wholeness as well as component and discrete parts. For social workers, the fundamental idea that “the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts” is illustrated by the circular shape of a pie and its slices.

Your overall wellness may be viewed in its entirety like the picture of the freshly baked apple pie above, or explored discretely as slices shown in the financial and pizza pies above. Used in budgeting, food prep, and mathematics, the circle can also be used to better understand your personal wellness.

You may think about your Personal Wellness Goals in relation to your Family, Health, Career, Relationships, Entertainment & Recreation, and Finances. You may bake a pie for each component of your life and then think about the discrete parts of your career, family, or financial pie.

As you bake and slice each pie, you are likely to gain deeper insight to those aspects of your life that consume most of your energy. You may discover that you are not really fond of the pie that you have baked. You may also conclude that you have given too much of your pie away. In the case of the pizza pie, you might experience that your order was actually delivered to the wrong address or family to enjoy.

Whatever the case might be with your past Wellness Pie, there is hope that you can start anew. Taking the time to bake, draw, or think about those pieces of your life that you value most is an important first step in your Wellness Planning.

Engaging the services of a Wellness Coach who offers specialized assessment and planning services and resources for you to use is easier than ever before yielding excellent results.

Each piece of your Overall Wellness may be viewed as one slice of your personal pie and the amount of time you devote to each part may explain periods of un-wellness or ill health. Behavioural activation components of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy offer you daily activities and practices that promise to build health and sustain your wellness over the long haul.

There is no doubt that Covid Lockdown has challenged you and your regular activities of daily living that normally keep you feeling healthy and well. You might be wondering where your piece of wellness pie is ?

In truth, you are your own master of wellness, and ultimately responsible for your own health and wellbeing. If you continue to experience prolonged periods of emotional distress or physical pain then it is time to make a change.

Reaching our to your family doctor is always the best recommended first step to your Wellness Planning. Seek a medical opinion first as there are many health conditions that cannot be diagnosed without medical technologies and exams.

Once you are all cleared to begin a new diet, exercise, and personal wellness plan, then it is time to get moving or to connect with a qualified someone who can help you to get moving…

As the Easter holiday approaches, many people will be enjoying more chocolate and candies than usual. The annual celebration of new life is a perfect time to bake or purchase at least one pie and to reflect on your own Wellness.

Do not be surprised if you discover that 90% of your life-pie is spent doing work with little time for much else. This is perfectly fine when you are content and healthy, and the people you love most are also content and healthy.

Restoring your personal sense of balance with reasonably sized pieces of healthy living in all areas of your life will promote your inner peace, joy, good humor, active sex or social life, cooperative family life, and physical health.

We care how you feel. New referrals accepted.

Lisa Romano-Dwyer BSC, MSW, PhD, RSW