Beautifying yourself improves mood

After several weeks at home, your regular daily, weekly, and monthly schedules have radically changed. Most of you are working remotely from home now and only leaving your home for brief periods of time to purchase basic necessities or to get a breath of fresh air.

Many of you are missing your time at the gym, beauty salon, shopping malls, and wellness clinics. This time without your masseuse, acupuncturist, psychotherapist, pastor, or hairstylist may be impacting your mood.

In addition to sad updates about Covid19 losses, experiencing extended periods of time neglecting your regular wellness routines may cause increased feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety, or lethargy.

As a seasoned therapist with a specific focus on wellness, I am reminded about the importance of beauty in both healing and maintaining your mental health and wellness.

People have engaged in beautifying rituals for centuries. Ancient civilisations created elaborate spas and natural treatments still used today. Natural botanicals, mineral mud masks and wraps, hot springs and mineral baths were accessed by everyone to clean and treat the human body and ailments.

Today, the beauty industry is clearly delineated from health care centres and clinics. This delineation is necessary as medical and health care specialists train and treat mental and physical illnesses based on research and science.

Yet, beauty and all of the rituals you engage in to beautify yourself including personal hygiene habits, makeup applications, or salon appointments impact your mood, sense of self-confidence, and self-worth.

A mindful application of skin cream to your hands is a simple practice that has a powerful impact on your mood. Often applied when feeling agitated or overwhelmed, moisturising hand cream helps to settle down your activated nervous system.

Start each day in isolation with an activity that beautifies your body and personal living space. This beautifying practice will increase your sense of joy and confidence.

Spending days and weeks neglecting your diet, exercise, personal hygiene, and daily beautifying rituals may in fact lead to feelings of disrespect unhappiness, disengagement, low energy and uncaring.

The power of beauty – both exterior and interior – is the impact on your emotional health and overall wellness. Sunny dispositions deserve to shine, even during a pandemic!

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