For Christians all around the world, Easter is the promise of New Life. Celebrating the season that Jesus triumphs over death, Easter is the annual reminder that starting anew is also possible for you.

Evidence of new life is all around you!!!!

This Easter 2020 will forever be remembered as a uniquely different celebration where families and friends gathered in prayer, meals, and celebrations together using modern technologies.

Like no other time in recent memory, this Easter Sunday challenges the joyful message of new life. You may find yourself feeling sad and lonely, discouraged and without hope.

Practising mindfulness this season will help you to notice the signs of new life and hope that surrounds you. Birds chirping at dawn, buds sprouting on trees, and perennials popping up through the permafrost.

You may have joined your congregation or religious community online virtually or on YouTube. Several movies such as Jesus of Nazareth also provide a gentle re-enactment of the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord.

Even the Pope was live steamed this year on TV. It may be the first time in history that the Basilica in Rome was close to empty for all services. The emptiness showcased the beautiful majesty of the building itself and the work of ordinary people to keep it clean and beautiful over the centuries.

Families with young children have likely painted eggs, and planned an Easter egg hunt of chocolates and annual treats. Celebrating despite CoVid19 reminds you about the importance of joyful traditions.

For those of you with families living abroad, a call also reminds you about the borderless “global” feature of this virus and the perils of its spread.

Whether you are celebrating alone with young children, older adults, spouses, roommates or friends, Easter is truly a time to reflect on those shameful or hurtful things in your life that you wish to leave behind. It is a time to shed your shame and walk confidently in your new life.

The Easter season heralds new life spiritually as well as emotionally. Use this time in isolation to reflect on your life, and how or what you might like to do to create things anew for yourself.

Enjoy the celebration of Easter and hold on tight to your faith despite the overwhelmingly negative news you hear about this pandemic. Soak in the signs of spring abiding by restrictions set by medical health officials, and enjoy the smallest of signs that life abounds nonetheless.

Help is available for you when your shame, guilt, repetition compulsion, or negative habits remain troubling to you and the people you love. New referrals accepted and services have migrated online.

Fees vary based on the experience and qualifications of clinicians and services sought.

Sunny dispositions deserve to shine!!!

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