Keep your regular daily self-care routines steady!!!!

A seasoned clinician identifies when periods of distress are impacting on regular daily routines in unhealthy ways. Every day in self-isolation is presenting unique challenges to you and your neighbours. Some of you may live alone. Others are living with your spouses and young or adult children. Still others live with extended family members including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children. Finally, some of you may be isolating with roommates and friends kilometers away from your family.

You are likely also worried about your family living abroad back in countries of origin, or in new lands that hold the promise of adventure and new beginnings. Whatever the particular situation you find yourself in during this time of self or family isolation, it is bound to be significantly impacting you at this point.

This need NOT be a period of negativity, worry, anxiety, depression, or sadness.

Instead, this time of global pandemic presents citizens from all over the world with an opportunity to reflect on the ways you currently live and to take stock on what if anything you wish to change once life returns to a semblance of normalcy.

In the meantime, there are several golden activities of daily living that ensure you remain healthy in mind, body & spirit:

  1. Resume your early morning routine and wake up times. Most seasonal Spring Breaks would be over by now. Hence, it is critical to resume your regular Pre-Covid 19 schedule as soon as possible. Shower, bathe, plan and eat meals, work from home, and homework time for your children using these earlier schedules. This is especially important for families with school-aged children under 12 years of age.
  2. Adjust and modify your daily routines to this temporary reality of staying at home. It might help you to view some of the old television programs showcasing early North American life in homesteads and small towns like “Little House on the Prairie, or The Waltons”. A diet of early Americana television culture will remind you about the importance of daily chores to maintain your health and wellness together. Decide what you plan to do together on a Friday night & Saturday now that your access to entertainment and recreation is restricted to your own living quarters. How do you plan to connect with your friends? Have you tried a Friday night wine or cheese tasting with your friends using Zoom after your children are safely tucked in bed?
  3. Eat as healthy as possible to maintain and fortify your immunity. Plan your meals thoughtfully and reduce your time in the kitchen by making enough food for a second or third meal that week. Preparing larger portions of rice, soups, and main staples will reduce your time in the kitchen later in the week. Eating healthy food is proven to nourish your body with the nutrients needed to fight disease and infection naturally.
  4. Remind yourself about the reality of global pandemics historically. A daily reality-test will help you to remain reasonable and composed during this time of proactive disease management. There is no reason that you will get infected when and if you continue to follow all of the sound medical advice available to you through your local public health organizations on municipal, provincial, and federal levels.
  5. Don’t forget about your spiritual wellness. If you have been suspended from your regular day of prayer at your temple, mosque, synagogue, or church, you may be missing your rituals, congregants, and regular gatherings. Use this time at home with yourself and your family to pray and to develop new rituals to celebrate your faith together. Your children will benefit from your gathering together to read from holy scriptures and prayers. A simple candle lighting coupled with formal or informal prayers, and a familiar song may not be perfect, but hopefully, good enough!!!!

Sunny dispositions deserve to shine, even when the real sun refuses to shine.

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