Florence 2010 Caravaggio & Carefree Travel

There are many things that I am thinking about during this time in Self & Family Isolation in Toronto. Of course, the health of my family and friends remains paramount. Local daily announcements by our City Mayor, Premiere, and Prime Minister has surely demonstrated leadership & what I humbly refer to as our Canadian Character. A character for which I have been accused of being too fond. Having attended many international academic and scholarly conferences in Germany and beyond, I am reminded about the perils of nationalism – even the Canadian brand.

Suffice it say, I am really proud of our self-declared “feminist” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who boldly stands up at the microphone each day to remind we citizens about the importance of calm and composure during this truly unusual time. Perhaps, more memorable and impactful than the North East Ontario blackout of 2003, or the Toronto Ice Storm of 2013, the Global Pandemic of 2020 will forever be remembered as an event that locked down cities around the world.

I reflect on the personal freedom I have enjoyed travelling to many wonderful places in the world. I visited so many historic and modern countries on almost every continent. I have seen enough of the world to marvel in her beauty – a beauty found in the simple and the sublime.

I surmise that this period of reflection has only just begun for me. You too have likely been thinking about aspects of your personal freedom, as well as the health of your family members and those you love. You may be thinking about people, conversations, and experiences that are tucked safely away in your memory like a treasure chest of wellness.

You may also be reflecting on some regrets and wondering when or if this is a time to correct or repair relationships or people you may have taken for granted, misused, treated unfairly, judged without just cause, or neglected. It is heartening to witness local neighbours reaching out on social media, or telephone to check in on those who live alone or who are physically vulnerable.

It truly saddens me to know that my friends and family in China, Italy, and Toronto have had to endure strict measures to contain this pandemic. It also inspires me to witness the effectiveness of social distancing and quarantine strategies to manage what has been compared to the Spanish flu, bubonic plague, SARS, or Ebola in more modern times.

I have faith in our current Prime Minister’s ability to lead us through this difficult time despite his own wife recovering from the virus. In true feminist fashion, Trudeau has stepped up to the dire task to lead with a strong voice and to remind Canadians about our truly unique character and positivity in the world – without apology or political gain!!

Sunny dispositions deserve to shine. Focus on memories that bring you joy, happiness, and positivity during this rough period, and smile through your pain.

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