Is your nest built on trust & fidelity?

During this Covid19 period of family-isolation and social distancing, you may find yourself reflecting on the nest you built with your spouse and children.

It is usually not a good idea to make significant changes to your personal or family life during a crisis.

However, you may find yourself rehashing sentimental and painful experiences with family due to an increase in time together & the loss of personal space created by work away from home.

Critical events often result in anxiety, negativity, worried thoughts and feelings. They also provide the perfect time to develop a healthy practice of gratitude.

Gratitude practices encourage you to mindfully identify all of the things in your life for which you are grateful.

You and your spouse share a number of interests, values, and characteristics in common. In fact, those aspects that drew you into an intimate relationship with your spouse grow and deepen over years together.

Deciding to have children together is a sign of deep trust, fidelity, and affection. Having children with the person you chose to marry establishes the primacy of your mate in your life.

Here are some of the reminders that you are building a trusting foundation of honesty, good character, and charity:

  • Your spouse does what is said and follows through with what is promised
  • Your children do what they say and mean what they say
  • You feel responsible about being on time for your partner and children
  • You regret when something frivolous gets in the way of a promise you made to your family
  • Your children wish to see you before going to bed each night and prefer to be tucked in with a story & a kiss
  • You like each others company and make each other laugh
  • You never say anything to really hurt anyone’s feelings in the family
  • You feel very badly when something hurtful is said or expressed in anger
  • You volunteer to help each other without expectation for pay back
  • Your family is known to be among the first to help when there is a need in the community

A healthy nest is built on a soft foundation of love, acceptance, honesty, and care. Every member feels safe to express thoughts and opinions, even when views are challenged. Healthy families can deliberate on differences of opinion or perspectives respectfully.

Trust in the gift of time with one another that the Covid 19 self-isolation has created. Take your time to observe all the ways you build trust, love, and respect with the ones you love. Be vigilant about health recommendations during this period that promises to contain the virus like the good work in China.

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