Home Made Play Dough is safe, affordable and fun!

It is highly unlikely that your Parenting Prep Courses and Resources supplied you with a practical guide for parenting in times of global pandemics! Entertaining your school aged children is actually easier than you think.

This unexpected Family isolation time may provide you and your children with a golden opportunity to reconnect. So many families identify the lack of time as a main source of stress. Persistent complaints include feeling distracted, rushed, and constantly in a hurry for work, school, grocery shopping, laundry, dog walking, and household chores.

The view that technology would increase free-time has been disappointing. This promise of leisure has not occurred as originally surmised.

It may take the Covid19 to remind Moms and Dads about the central importance of your children. You may have never experienced all of your children together during regular daycare or school hours.

New families tend to decide to use daycare for older children during parental leave for a new baby. This practice emerged in response to limited “daycare spots” and the risk of losing these when returning to work.

Getting into a groove with your children is especially fun when you are all together. It requires planning, preparation, scheduling, and laughter!

Organize your family activities using a method that works best for you. This may include using a calendar with scheduled morning and afternoon activities or a visual schedule that you create with your children for display in the kitchen.

Some easy activities include:

  • Baking Homemade Cookies
  • Planning Family Meals Together
  • Teaching your children how to measure, chop, and knead with supervision and care.
  • Engaging in safe outdoor play as per local public health guidelines.
  • Ensuring a healthy amount of physical exercise.
  • Setting limits on video games, and online play.
  • Calling or FaceTiming with friends and family who are also self-isolating.

Simple play dough recipes are available all over the internet. This 5 minute recipe is affordable and easy to make with your children.

  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1/2 Cup of Salt
  • 2 tsps cream of tartar
  • 1 Cup of water
  • 1 Tbsp oil
  • Food colouring – Mixed

Combine all ingredients together in a frying pan stirring well over medium heat. Cool on wax paper, knead and store in a covered plastic container.

Enjoy your children and family life and treasure this time together! Sunny dispositions deserve to shine, so make the most of this coveted gift of time.

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