One acorn may grow into a towering oak tree. One virus may grow into a pandemic.

Who would have thought that a virus originating miles away and on another continent would spread around the globe as quickly as it has?

The impact of international travel and easy access to foreign lands has opened up the world to you like no other time in history. The movement of people for business and pleasure on a daily basis has increased well into the millions.

It is amazing to witness the way the World Health Organization has urged countries to coordinate and cooperate with one another on managing the ferocious spread of this virus.

China’s evidenced-based approach to containing and diminishing the spread has been absolutely incredible, especially in light of its population size.

The Chinese government is now assisting Italy whose aging population is at increased risk to this infection. China has sent ventilators and other medical supplies to support the medical response teams abroad.

North America is now in response mode to Covid19. Elementary and Secondary Schools in Ontario, professional Sporting events and gatherings with 150 people or more are all suspended for two weeks.

You may find that all this news about the virus increases your anxiety and fears about getting sick. It is important to pay attention to the news and to heed the instructions by your local public health offices.

Thanks to the cooperative tone of foreign nations, you are likely more prepared to respond proactively to Covid19. Tried, tested and true approaches to reduce the spread of infectious diseases remain effective now.

  • Wash you hands frequently
  • Use hand sanitizers
  • Limit large social gatherings
  • Stay home if you have any symptoms
  • Carry on with your self-care by eating, sleeping, and exercising well
  • Call your doctor’s office ahead of your appointment
  • Fulfill your employment duties unless otherwise instructed

Your strong, sound, and confident leadership is critical to your family during this time. Children with a propensity to anxiety may be better off not hearing all the updates related to this virus. Be careful with your sensitive child and the impact that regular News broadcasts might cause.

Reassure your family reasonably and model simple healthy virus reducing strategies. Sunny dispositions deserve to shine, even when the corona virus hits close to home.

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