There are many people who suffer with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders that impact the quality of their daily life. OCD usually begins in adolescence when worrying thoughts result in ritualized practices or behaviours that reduce this anxiety.

Are there emotional barriers to your success?

OCD may start with increased hand washing, cleaning, or checking on things. The feeling to “do” something to reduce worries is very intense.

Have you ever suddenly forgotten where you left your car keys, cellphone, or purse? The feeling to go and look for these items is quite intense and normally does not abate until found. These worrying thoughts can happen even when you are not in need of your purse, phone, or keys, but you check for them anyhow.

Of course, it is important to speak to your doctor or psychologist when your worrying thoughts and ritualized behaviours overwhelm you or block your ability to get on with living your life. They may diagnose you with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and recommend a combination of medication and counselling.

Some individuals struggle with emotional cycles that trap them in patterns of behaving that is neither adaptive nor healthy. Even where OCD manifests as perfectionism, showering, or cleaning your floors or house repetitively, rituals can harmfully reduce your free time and joy.

OCD usually feels problematical to you, and most certainly not pleasant. Individuals recognize they are stuck and may experience feelings of shame about the types of compulsive behaviours performed to reduce anxiety.

Problems can get really out of hand when individuals are not able to get on with their day due to OCD.

There are many effective ways to treat OCD depending on its severity. Family physicians and psychiatrists often prescribe medication to help manage symptoms.

Counselling therapists use a variety of psychotherapy approaches that help to reduce anxiety including Psycho-education, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, SFT, and more.

An experienced clinician will help you to find the best model of care for you. You do not need to suffer alone. There are many options for you to start feeling better today.

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