Health, happiness and peace in the New Year

Celebrating the holidays with that special someone is truly a gift to remember. Most people agree that the most important gift of all is time together with the one we love.

Family and friends nurture our lives and keep us well. Finding time to be with one another is key to lifelong happiness, health and joy.

Volunteering your time with people who are lonely or have little or no family is an uplifting way to share the holiday spirit as well.

Volunteering also reminds us about the importance of the healing power of generosity and kindness.

The New Year always beckons hope for things yet to come. It promises renewed life and opportunities to right some lingering wrongs, correct or fix wrong choices you may have made, and repair those relationships with people you may have offended. It is never too late to say “I’m sorry” and to forgive someone who hurt you.

Starting a new year with a clear conscience is a sure way to unexpected gifts of health and wellness. A heavy heart is a burden that lightens up when secrets and difficult conversations are spoken out loud.

Start this year right and speak up. Be brave about any lingering secrets, pain or doubt and believe that love will heal all things. So, call that neglected friend or send a greeting card or email. You may be surprised to learn that he or she has been waiting to hear from you.

Enlisting the support of a compassionate therapist may assist before you begin to unburden your heart.

Happy holidays !

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