Goodness of fit with your therapist is key

Finding the right therapist is a really important step to getting better. It seems that people search online for an extended period of time before making the call to schedule an appointment. In fact, the number of searches to one site might number in the thousands. Yet, the frequency of calls is much lower.

People who have invested so much time in researching for a caring, reliable, honest, and effective counselor and psychotherapist online have a right to meet with a few certified mental health counselors to decide who you feel is best suited to work with you.

Independent practitioners offer the best options for completely confidential services without compromising professional expectations around standards of practice.

Take the initiative and make that call. You will know immediately if the therapist is the one for you. Similar to finding the right dentist, masseuse or acupuncturist, your process in choosing a counselor is important and may take some time.

Some people feel problems are resolved after a single session while others find it helpful to meet over a few weeks and months. Even longer term options exist for people seeking professional coaching or in-depth analytical therapies.

Feeling better is one click or call away!

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