Family friendly vacations are wonderful times to unwind & relax together.

More than ever, there are several options for families to spend quality time together during the Spring or March Break, as referred to in Ontario. Historically, Spring Break began in the United States in the 1930s. Students in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools were given a week off from school to spend time with family. Over the years, Spring Break has grown synonymous with much needed vacation time. March break is a welcome pause from the daily grind after long dark winter months. Local cities provide affordable activities, camps, and events for children and young teens. Where families plan personal vacation days to align with March break, parents have opportunities to spend time together with their children. Some people organize trips to family-friendly all inclusive resorts abroad that offer a good combination and balance of supervised child minding, adult only, and family based activities. Some people find the stress of travelling difficult. A fear of flying, jet-lag, and expected delays during peak travel periods are sometimes too much for children with emotional sensitivities. Expecting at least one tantrum is realistic and preparing yourself in advance for some problematical behaviour will help you to regulate your own mood, so your vacation remains mostly stress-free. Travelling to beach front resorts offers people in otherwise stressful jobs an authentic opportunity to unwind in the sun and sand. It is a time to leave all technology and business at the office and to retreat with your loved ones. Deep relaxation over a course of several days is a healthy antidote to chronic daily stress of work and city-living. Enjoy the sounds of nature and silence where possible, and minimize loud dance halls and parties. You may find that it takes a couple of days before you being to experience the wonderful sensation of unwinding from stress. The impulse to check your cellphone, email, or social media sites will diminish as will any thoughts about your never-ending to-do list. Small children and teens also experience stress and benefit from a techno-diet during vacations. Take this opportunity to re-connect with your children and your spouse. Enjoy the experiences of just being together and the simple pleasures that life without work or school related stress brings. Have you planned what you will be doing with your family this week? Do you feel confident about leaving your work related tasks unattended while you are away? How do you plan to cope with your impulse to check your email or social media while away?

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