As we ring in a new year, each of us is confronted with the reality of our personal and professional lives in review. Our reflections may reveal that our year unfolded exactly as planned and predicted. We met all of our personal and professional goals, and feel very confident about moving forward in 2019. It is likely that for many, events may not have proceeded as planned. Unexpected changes in health, wealth, employment, or professional opportunities may have occurred. Social Workers also suffer losses of loved ones or family members, job opportunities, or professional pursuits. It is especially difficult for Clinical Social Workers to shift roles from therapist to client. Even social work healers receive diagnoses of serious illnesses, experience heartaches, and family breakdowns resulting in separation or divorce. Social Workers are not immune to personal or professional challenges.

Whatever 2018 had in store for us, each New Year brings with it a sense of hope and possibility. It is during these early days of a new year when we most usually reflect upon what we might like to do differently, change, modify, or amend in 2019. Some of these reflections may be personal, while others may be familial or professional in nature. Our plans need not be onerous or highly ambitious. One new idea, simple or sublime, is all that is required for social workers to experience a sense of renewed hope for the new year. Social Workers are trained to help people set and achieve personal and family goals. The same diligence and care that goes into helping clients generate, plan, and stick with identified goals will help professional social workers set goals of their own. One healthy goal may be to increase the amount of time spent in nature, so that time spent at work, in an office, hospital, or other professional space is offset by at least 40 minutes each day spent in the fresh air and sunshine. Scheduling two-20 minutes walks outdoors each day is one example that really works to increase overall personal wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Good luck with your plans in 2019!

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